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How to Recycle

How to Recycle

and reduce waste in the Flathead Valley.


“Reduce” is perhaps the most important and the most often forgotten of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Reduce is the most efficient, inexpensive, and environmentally sound way of managing our waste. When you avoid consuming...
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Reuse saves natural resources, money, and space in the local landfill. Reuse is different than recycling in that items are not shipped away and reprocessed into new products, but instead are repurposed or repaired to...
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Recycling conserves valuable natural resources by using them more than once. Recycling is limited in Montana because of our distance from recycling markets. By recycling the items we can, we slow down how fast we’re...
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How to Recycle in the Flathead Brochure

Download and print a copy of our How to Recycle in the Flathead Valley brochure. Keep it handy on your fridge or pass it on to friends and family to help them recycle.

If you’d like to pick up hard copies at our office, please contact us.

News & Campaigns

When it comes to battery disposal – only you can prevent fires!

The Flathead County Landfill has recently been dealing with a rash of fires that some suspect are caused by certain types of rechargeable batteries mixed...
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Ditch Disposable Plastics

We are finding out more and more how harmful single-use plastics are to our environment and how hard they are to recycle. Reducing Disposable Plastic...
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2018/19 Plastic Recycling Changes

In January 2018, the recycling industry experienced a worldwide upset in the global recycling market caused by China's shutdown of recycling imports. China was accepting about half of...
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Growing a Local Market for Recycled Glass

In December 2018, local business New World Recycling went out of business. As the owners and operators of the only glass pulverizer in Flathead County, glass...
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Thank you for recycling and reducing waste in the Flathead Valley!