WasteNot Project

About WasteNot

The WasteNot Project is a consumer education program that seeks to heighten awareness about solid waste issues while promoting ways to reduce the volume and toxicity of our county waste stream.

It is a collaborative project established in 1993 between the Flathead County Solid Waste District, Citizens for a Better Flathead, and the Flathead Valley Community College Service Learning Program.

The WasteNot Project annually:

  • Provides school presentations to over 3000 students across the county from February to June;
  • Publishes assorted guides to where and how to reduce waste in the Flathead:
  • Works to expand recycling opportunities, like our new program working to bring recycling to the Flathead County Fairgrounds;
  • Loans out recycling bins and flatware for use at community events and provides tips for hosting zero-waste events;
  • Develops programs to encourage safe disposal of hazardous waste, pharmaceutical waste, and the recycling of electronic wastes;
  • Works with local businesses and others to identify ways to reduce waste and save money;
  • Coordinates service learning volunteers from the community college and area high schools to provide waste education programs and research to further efforts to reduce the volume of waste entering our county landfill.

The content of this website was researched with the wonderful support of volunteers working with this project.

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