WasteNot Project


What is compost?

Decomposition is nature’s way of recycling organic material. Micro- and macro-organisms break down waste into nutrient-rich humus. Composting allows us to use the natural decomposition process to reduce our waste. By composting our yard and food wastes, we can turn what we would otherwise throw away into a nutrient-rich soil additive for our yards, gardens, plants, and trees.

Across the United States, 30% of waste is compostable.  However, currently less than 1% of Montana’s garbage is composted.

How to Compost

We now have two options for composting in the Flathead Valley:

  1. Dirt Rich Compost Pick-up Service. Offers fee-based commercial and residential pick-up service for food waste. Yard waste may be dropped off at their facility in Columbia Falls.
  2. Home Composting. It’s easy to start your own backyard compost pile or indoor worm bin! Backyard composting is great for large quantities of yard waste, while worm bins are ideal for food waste in bear country. Click the links below to learn more about starting your own compost bin for your household:

Find more resources and information about composting in Montana at http://deq.mt.gov/Land/recycle/compostingnew.